Pescariu Sports&Spa - Oaza ta de relaxare din mijlocul orasului
Fitness & Aerobics

Fitness defines our body’s ability to function effectively, both in professional life and in recreational activities, to be healthy and to deal with stressful situations. The respect we give to our body is reflected in our physical appearance, but also in health and attitude. Adequate fitness training and proper nutrition will quickly reflect in your image, so do not delay to be in harmony with your body and feel good in your own skin. Our fitness services have one goal: to create a well-being that lasts!


Our indoor semi-olympic pool is available throughout the year, as are three outdoor pools available in the summer.

Spa & Masaj

Pescariu Sports & SPA’s deeply rooted approach to wellness assumes the belief that a spa reveals a way of life that offers many possibilities to care for and increase the vital force of the individual. The spa at Pescariu Sports&Spa embraces a deep understanding of the mind, body and soul: their individual needs and their interdependence. It was created in the spirit of restoring harmony and well-being between these three elements, to facilitate escape from everyday life and guidance to the inner self. Our intention is to improve our self-consciousness and to “burn” every desire and commitment to our own well-being.


Pescariu Sports&Spa offers premium services both in competitive sports and wellness. Modernised at the initiative of Dinu Pescariu, one of Romania’s best known tennis players, the tennis complex includes eight all-year tennis courts (both clay and hard court) for all types of players, beginners to professionals, children and adults. Players can benefit from a well-structured, varied and appropriate coaching program, under the close supervision of a team of professional tennis coaches with national and international experience.


Pescariu Sports&Spa has two squash courts, both endorsed by the World Squash Federation. They are equipped with air conditioning for your convenience, and squash equipment can be rented or bought at the club’s reception. Squash, considered an elite sport, has a rich tradition. It can be a great way to spend your free time and keep fit, and is an excellent remedy for daily stress. Playing this very dynamic sport can enable you to burn a lot of calories in a very short time and you can considerably improve your reflexes!


Our football ground is ready for a thrilling match any time.

Equipped with the best quality artificial grass and night time installation, the football ground’s playing surface covers​ 800 sqm, and is prepared at any time for a spectacular match. There are many benefits to playing football on artificial turf. In addition to performance and safety, football on artificial turf can meet requirements that are otherwise unattainable on natural grass. Artificial grass does not require pesticide and fertiliser treatments, and it is much more durable than natural, allows players to gain access for extended periods, and can be used throughout the year, regardless of the season. Furthermore, the strength of the ground and its flat surface means fewer injuries – unlike the natural grass that can break during play, leaving slippery areas and uneven surfaces that create hazards for the risk of injuries.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


The largest outdoor swimming pool in Bucharest and the most attractive place during the summer.


The Gallery lounge & fine food is a cozy restaurant located within the Pescariu Sports & SPA wellness club. Extremely versatile, offering indoor and outdoor space, the à la carte restaurant is perfect for a business lunch, a meeting over coffee, a lunch with office colleagues, or hosting an event with style.  

Pescariu Sports&Spa - Oaza ta de relaxare din mijlocul orasului
Clase pentru copii

Credem cu tarie in modelarea copiilor si tinerilor prin educatie sportiva.


O varietate de posibilitati, incepand cu lansari de produse, pana la petreceri tematice

All inclusive 12 luni
Squash + Tenis + Spa & Masaj + Fotbal + Clase Copii + Aqua + P.T.
Full time
  • 12 intrari gratuite pentru invitati
  • Freezing 1 LUNA
  • Acces AQUA
  • Acces Vestiar VIP
  • 6 sedinte x 50 minute Squash cu antrenor
  • 6 sedinte x 50 minute Squash cu partener
  • 6 sedinte x 50 minute Tenis cu partener
  • 4 sedinte x 50 minute Personal Trainer
2000 eur
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All inclusive 6 luni
Squash + Tenis + Spa & Masaj + Fotbal + Clase Copii + Aqua + P.T.
Full time
  • 6 intrari gratuite pentru invitati
  • Freezing 2 saptamani
  • Acces AQUA2
  • Acces Vestiar VIP4
  • 3 sedinte x 50 minute Squash cu antrenor
  • 3 sedinte x 50 minute Squash cu partener
  • 3 sedinte x 50 minute Tenis cu partener
  • 2 sedinte x 50 minute Personal Trainer
1200 eur
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