Robert Carp

Robert is certified as a fitness instructor with the Romanian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation / International Federation of Bodybuilders

“Fitness should be a part of the life of each of us, in various forms. The secret of a beautiful, well-defined and relaxed body lies in the perseverance and the desire to push our limits. These attributes define me and have led me to the physical and professional development that I want to perfect whenever I have the opportunity and I would like to share them with you.

Personalized training sessions are a commitment implying that, together, we will set the right goals and push the boundaries so that we achieve the desired results.”


Faculty of Physical Education and Sports;

“Coach Education and Training Course” Certification – National Centre for Education and Training of Coaches;

“Fitness Instructor Course” Certificate – International Federation of Bodybuilders, with the Romanian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation;

Certificate – “Functional Training” Course – Pescariu Sports & Spa;

Certificate – “Steel Tonic Official Trainer” Course – Steel Programs;

“Kinesis Shape Program” Course Certificate – Pescariu Sports & Spa;

TRX Suspension Training Certificate;


Stretching Certificate – Ong’s School Thai Massage-Thailand „Chang mai”

1. Basic;
2. Professional;
3. Elbow.

High-Intensity Interval Training – London, UK;

Fitness Internship – Cologne, Germania;

Bossu Training – Bucharest;


2010 – 2012: “Pescariu Sports & Spa” Instructor
2012 – present: “Pescariu Sports & Spa” Personal Trainer