Lucian Burche

Lucian Ştefan Burche began his career as an instructor in 2007 at the fitness studio of the prestigious coach Radu Teodorescu. After participating in numerous courses, workshops and fitness conventions, he has learned to always be aware of what is happening in the field and to keep on improving.

Competitive in sports for 14 years, I decided to continue my passion for coaching fencing. So, in 2004, I hung the sport shirt on the nail and began to coach the coach. Since then, I have earned seven National Champion titles with my students and a European Junior Championship Circuit edition III, as well as countless second and third places.

Certifications and diplomas

  • Diploma Instructor spinning ICE Level II November 2009 Bucharest
  • Participation International Pilates Convention October 2011 Iasi
  • Participation in the International Fitness Convention in March 2012

Studies and sports results

  • ANEFS – specialization in fencing
  • Masters in Physical Education and Sport – Motric Anthropology
  • 2007-2011, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of the National Fencing Championships, 8-15 year olds

What do the participants say in his classes?

“Lucian’s  cycling classes perfectly combine movement in a relaxed environment: both Monday and Wednesday classes are carefully thought out by Lucian so that the heart rate is exactly in the target and the classes differ both as to difficulty level and in the target muscles groups.”

“Beyond the technical aspect of the classes where Lucian has clearly set his professional footprint, the ‘best gift’ is the fun part of the classes in which Lucian challenges us to sing, dance and just be cheerful. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll hear “HOPPPP, HOPPP, HOPPP!” a lot, as we go through our paces. Thank you, Lucian!”