Gabriel Vasile

A lover of movement since he was a child, Gabi has been practicing martial arts and canoeing since he an early age. Over time, his passion for sports has turned into a way of life.

A fitness trainer and aerobic fitness instructor specialized in aerobics, aerobic step, and a leading tae-bo instructor, Gabi has extensive experience in coordinating fitness group classes such as: aerobic step, functional training, circuit training, tae bo, thai combat, and isometric classes inspired by Pilates exercises and yoga classes.

In his classes his good will is to the fore. Whether you are a dynamic, explosive person, or whether you just want to lift the stress of your life away and are looking for active relaxation, you will always find something that suits you and that you like.

With us you will feel the way you are, important and special. Being a sociable, friendly and open person, Gabi has the talent to create a special atmosphere. He will want youto come back, will want you feeling like you are part of a family. Above all, he is a professional. He will teach you to perform the exercises correctly without risk to your core or joints. His knowledge and experience in therapeutic massage, somatic and reflexology have helped him to better understand the complex and fascinating human body. By incorporating stretching, massage and relaxation, the last part of the class is transformed into a real pampering for your body, mind and soul, creating a wonderful state of well-being.