Florin Colibasanu

From the age of eight, since I started practicing this sport, I’ve played it with great pleasure. And then, when I became a coach, I’ve wanted to pass the game on to the kids. Even if not all children reach a high level of performance, tennis is the sport that educates and shapes you both physically and socially.

Professional training:

  • Graduate of the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport – specialised in tennis
  • Masters in Physical Education and Sports at the State University – Chisinau, Moldova
  • PhD, titled ‘Modeling tactical training for junior tennis players in the annual sports training cycle’
  • In 2015 he received the master coaching certification at the National Center for Training and Training of Coaches National referee since 1995
  • Assistant Professor at the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest

Passion, dedication and perseverance are the characteristics that have made Florin a successful coach of many children.