Cristina Nedelcu

I started my performance sports career at the age of 4 in the Artistic Gymnastics branch in the famous sports complex in Deva. I have always felt attracted to the dance and the harmony of Aerobic Gymnastics so I chose to practice at the Aerobic Gymnastics performance level at the Olympic Center in Deva.

In aerobics I managed to conquer many national and international titles in juniors and seniors to the sports club Deva Citadel and the sports club “Lighthouse” Constanta where I finished high school sports program. as well as the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at “Ovidius” University.

In 2006 I ceased sportsman career dedicating my career and aerobics fitness instructor working in parallel as a dance teacher and gymnastics with children of different ages.

  • 13 years of experience in Fitness & Aerobics
  • 12 Years of Sports Performance Aerobics Gymnastics
  • 4 years at the Sports Dance High School
  • 2 Years Fitness Programs Online.

Specializations and Credentials:

  • Fitness & Aerobic Instructor – 2005 Sports Federation for All
  • Sports instructor – 2010 Romanian Gymnastics Federation
  • Pilates Instructor – Move on.