Cezar Median

I’ll begin with a presentation of myself as a squash player and coach.

I discovered squash in 2010 when the court was built at the club. You never forget the first game you played: it was against a former professional squash player, who, I think, liked the way I played. That first game motivated me to discover the secrets of the sport. I started practicing, looking at videos and squash websites, and in 2013 I beat her in a tournament.

The tournament was followed through the country; some players finished on the podium, others were glad just to have participated. It’s great that, since then, the number of squash players has risen.

In 2014 I received the international coach’s diploma and since then I’ve been teaching squash at our club, both for beginners and for advanced adults and children. Squash is a dynamic way of spending leisure time while doing something that is fun. It is one of the best foils to a sedentary lifestyle and obesity, because with the right opponent you can burn 1000 calories in a session.

Furthermore, playing this sport improves coordination, flexibility and agility, and it helps to release negative energies and stress. It energises you, and makes you feel good.

Despite what you might have heard squash has a low risk of injury – as long as you follow the basic rules. A great advantage is that it can be practiced regardless of weather.

If you’re looking to try squash, I’m at Social Squash at the club every Wednesday from 19:30 until 21:00 – and also at individual hours that can be set according to your schedule.