Victor Armeanu

I discovered the benefits of sport when I was a child, then I had my first contact with football, the team sport I played for 15 years. For this reason I chose to share with children the love of sport and the joy of playing. I strongly believe that athletic skills are best developed in the years of childhood, so with this in mind I graduated from UNEFS and coordinated the first groups of children five years ago.

I also believe we are never too old or too busy to make changes in our lives, in our physical and mental health, in excellent physical form, changes that can be achieved by maintaining a balance between a healthy diet, an effective workout and thinking positively.

So I look forward to seeing you at the gym to meet your needs, and to give you a personalized training program to suit your physical requirements, to motivate you and keep you out of the routine.

Professional training:

  • Licensed UNEFS
  • Certificate – Steel training
  • Certificate – Steel combat
  • EFA (European Fitness Association)
  • Kettlebell – Level 1 sports enthusiast
  • Instructor Flow – Fitness group Pescariu Sports&Spa