Vali Luca

“Passion, seriousness and responsibility characterize all my workouts.”

“I like to see people progressing without straining their limits. I emphasize the continuity of training and the avoidance of injuries. Progress is natural and gradual. I like it and I think it’s my job to look for the right exercises for everyone, depending on individual physical fitness. I want each of my clients to feel the pleasure of doing sports.”

Concerned about injury prevention and performance enhancement, as well as recovery, and recovery as quickly as possible, Vali graduated from Ong’s Thai Massage School in Thailand and looks forward to meeting you in his stretching and Thai massage classes to convince you of their benefits.


  • Vali has over 10 years of experience in individual and personalized training and is a sports instructor specializing in judo and fitness.
  • Practicant stretching.
  • Thai massage – “Ong’s School Thai massage – Chang Mai”:
  1. Basic;
  2. Professional;
  3. Elbow
  • Massage technician course certified by Romania’s Ministry of Health.