Mihai Ionescu

I started practicing martial arts at the age of 12, and began an education in a noble spirit in which respect, discipline and tenacity represent the moral values ​​that underlie the formation of a fighter spirit.

Incorporating these moral values, I followed a beautiful professional path, achieving the international coach diploma of Wushu in 1993, followed by a specialization course in Jinan, Shandong province, China. In 1994, I became one of the national team coaches and held the position until 2009, achieving remarkable results. I became the national and European referee of Sanshou (full-contact fighting), and refereed more than 1,500 official matches at national and European level.

I graduated from university in 1998, obtaining my degree in physical education and sports from the National Academy of Physical Education and Sports.

At present, my professional activity is divided. On the one hand, as part of my academic teaching career, I lecture to PhD students on the Theory of Physical Education and Sports, as well as the disciplines Combat and Martial Arts. On the other hand, I am a Tai Chi coach at Pescariu Sports&Spa. Here, Tai Chi classes are set at a perfect time schedule and are accessible to anyone, regardless of age or gender. All students enjoy the sincerity of well-being with which they can start a new day of daily activity.

The main objective of the Tai Chi class at Pescariu Sports&Spa is to combat stress by addressing specific exercises in a relaxing manner, with an appropriate musical background. In summer, classes move to the club pool, elevating the benefits of using water, air and sun in Tai Chi practice to a higher level. Through regular practice, the benefits of Tai Chi occur quickly, as well as positive effects on the nervous, cardiovascular, bone, joint, muscular and digestive systems. It is recommended for the relief of various diseases, and is particularly beneficial for pregnant women to assist with breathing, maintain optimal joints and maintain muscle tone.

I always tell my students that when practicing Tai Chi, we have to create a space where time does not exist – and if we manage to stretch this space, we will always remain young.

For a state of optimism and mental freshness, where age is simply a number, I look forward to seeing you at the Tai Chi classes at Pescariu Sports&Spa.