Marian Marin

Marian Cristian Marin is a MoveInspire founder, trainer, speaker, personal trainer for sports and dance classes. With his actions, Marian aims to inspire more and more people and to guide them towards sports activities, beyond all the challenges encountered in the path.

After 9 years of dance experience and 7 years on the sporting side, having individual and team performances, Marian has experienced challenging experiences, both in his personal life and in his professional activity. His successes and failures over time have led him to constantly develop and share with others in his experience.

“My dream is to convey to people the love for sports and the benefits that it can bring to our lives. We are tempted to find obstacles and apologies always to give up, and that is precisely my role: to guide people, to encourage them and to make them overcome their own limits so that sport becomes part of their lives.
The training sessions I offer are based on methods and exercises that I have experienced and which I customize for each class I have or the situation I meet. What I do is based on practical experience and concrete, real and possible results, “Marian Cristian Marin – Founder of MoveInspire.

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