Ionut Radulescu

Ionut is a personal trainer with a solid knowledge of fitness, anatomy, biomechanics and nutrition. He will design and plan customized training programs, according to your goals, to achieve the desired results.

“Each of us is unique and that’s why individualized training is the best solution to reach your goal. During the training hours I will give you the information you need and I will come with the guidance and motivation necessary to get the maximum from your body. “

Personal training:

  • Bachelor of Physical Training and Bodybuilding Coaching by the National Training and Coaching Centre
  • Accredited fitness instructor and bodybuilder by the National Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation, 2011
  • Accredited as a personal coach by the European Fitness Association
  • Kettlebell – Level 1 
  • Graduate of first aid course conducted by Romanian National Red Cross Society
  • Graduate of anti-doping course conducted by National Anti-Doping Agency