Florian Nicolescu

“Train with a purpose. You will be more motivated if you set a goal. Once you touch it, do not stop. Don’t get comfortable.

“My point is to present physical training in a pleasant and efficient manner.

As a sportsman, I chose to perform in judo, ju-jutsu and jitsu-ryu, becoming a national champion. Martial arts have impressed on me a set of values, an attitude and a different perspective on life in general. They have trained my will and patience, muscle strength and mobility, courage and perseverance.

“I am university qualified from ANEFS and have completed specialist courses in boss, Power Plate, Functional Intensive Training, Kinesis Shape Program. You will tell me what your expectations are and together we will choose the type of training that suits you, so that coming to the gym is a pleasure.

I think the most effective workout is the one with a smile on your lips.”

Specialization and Certifications:

  • Graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport – 05.05.1999
  • Certificate of Continuing Education – Bosu Certification 9 -10 May 2008
  • The Basic Academy Power Plate 11.03.2009
  • Functional Intensive Training 28.01.11
  • Training Kinesis Rimini – Italy 2009

Competitions won:

  • Third place – National Judo Championship, Bucharest 30.01.93
  • 1st place – National Judo Championship, Bucharest 23.09.95
  • Second place – Ju-Jitsu National Championship, 07.04.2002
  • 1st place – Jitsu-Ryu Cup, 18.05.2002