Fernando Gorini

Fernando Gorini is a charismatic professional. Beyond the vast experience and the stunning appearance of his Steel Kombat classes, Fernando is an extraordinary man, being able to induce a good mood in a studio full of students in just a few seconds. Fernando’s group training is energetic, entertaining, and very effective, so that during the Steel Training or Steel Tonic classes, certain muscle groups work and calories are burned. Fernando is from Argentina, but in recent years he has lived in Capri (Italy), is an international presenter and, along with Gonzalo Vicos, is the initiator of the “Steel Programs” fitness program, which is already running in four countries.


  • ICeT Fitness School (Silvia Chediek): Instructor in Gymnastics & Muscle Techniques
  • Fitness Aerobics Center (Cordoba): Advanced Instructor in Gymnastics & Training Techniques
  • Apprenticeship in Muscle & Personal Trainer Techniques (Prof. Diego Grillo): Personal Trainer
  • Aerobox Apprenticeship (Marcelo López): Advanced Instructor in Aerobox Techniques
  • Step Perfectioning Course (Ulises Puiggros): Instructor Step
  • Aerobics Course (Ulises Puiggros): Aerobic Instructor


  • Director Steel Programs: Co-Director of Steel Programs (Fitness).
  • Fitness instructor: (Aerobic – Step – Combat Fitness) – Indoor Cycing / Spinning – GAL Lesson (Gluts – Abdominals and Legs Training)
  • International Presenter: Presentator International – Fitness, attending international events
  • Personal Trainer