Dan Stoica

Dan has been part of Pescariu Sports&Spa’s personal coaching team since the club’s opening in 2001.

“Sports do not build character but reveal it.”

“I strongly believe that movement is not an option but a necessity. Sport means harmony: physical, mental, psychological and social. I love to work with people, and my passion for sports has led me to make a profession out of it. I have been in the gym for 20 years, and my business card is certified by IFBB as a fitness and bodybuilding instructor. I have 20 years experience in developing customized training programs for aerobics, tae-bo, Kinesis and Power Plate.”

“The way in which you design and plan your personal training depends on each person’s personality.”

Qualifications and specializations:

  • Certified fitness instructor and bodybuilding by IFBB – International Federation of Bodybuilding.
  • Specializations in Aerobics, Tae-Bo, Kinesis, Powerplate.