Carmen Ivan

I have practiced swimming for 10 years and I managed to win several titles of the National Championship individually and under the careful guidance of the trainers Carmen Radu and Carmen Bunaciu at the Dinamo Club. In 2007, I graduated from the Faculty of Tourism of the Romanian-American University, and I am currently attending the courses of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Ecological University.

The passion of my life, swim, has changed slightly in the field since 2005 when I had the chance to be part of the Pescariu Sports & Spa team. In all these years, I have accumulated enough experience to be able to say that swimming is the most complex and effective sport, it helps a harmonious psychic and physical development and has an unquestionable therapeutic function.

For children, swimming has only benefits: it helps harmonious development, stimulates ambition and team spirit. Because I do everything with passion, each of my swimming lessons is thought so the baby can come back with pleasure and have fun learning.

Sanitas per aquam!