Adrian Dumitru

Adrian, besides personal training, also offers Ginastica Natural® classes that combine elements of yoga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and stretching.

“We can achieve any goal with a fun and dynamic workout!”

“My personal training style targets men and women of all ages and levels of physical fitness, including both children and seniors, as well as professional athletes. Combining ground movements with hundreds of exercises in which we use our own weight, to which we then add stretching and breathing techniques, we can stimulate and improve physical qualities such as strength, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination, mobility, balance, muscle tone, lumbar stability, and breathing. “

Adrian specializes in natural gymnastics, fitness, and circuit training. He trained and practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu for 11 years in Japan, winning seven medals at international competitions. Adrian is a Fitness and Bodybuilding instructor certified by the International Federation of Bodybuilders.

Courses and seminars:

  • Aerobic instructor certificate
  • Kettlebell certificate
  • TRX suspension trainer certificate
  • BOSU certificate

International Contests:

  • 1st place at the Ramson Gracie Cup Hamamatsu – 2008
  • 1st place at JJFS (Jiu Jitsu Federation of Japan) – Osaka 2008
  • 1st place at the Grappeling Impact Tournament – Osaka 2009