Let’s move for a better world

We are moving together for a better world 2019!

by Pescariu Sports & Spa & TechoGym

We have proposed this year to “move” things again! Starting 11th March, we’ve been mobilising, through sport, for a better world!

Specifically, we are also participating in the 6th edition of “LET’S MOVE FOR A BETTER WORLD” in 2019, inviting the beautiful community of athletes to join with us in a humanitarian effort.

This year, Pescariu Sports & Spa will donate all the gathered moves to the cause of the CorporeAnima Association (more about the cause here).

Our mission is to facilitate access to a healthy, sporty life for children from less privileged families who do not have access to properly equipped facilities.

Our contribution consists in the donation of sports equipment to the gym at school Alexandru Costescu high school, where the CorporeAnima Association has found hosting for all children eager to move in the Costeasca district. We know that sport creates a more beautiful world and we want them to enjoy it too!

The latest generation of Technogym machines, present in our club, can count movements during training and this time it does for a worthy cause.

To give everyone the same chance and opportunity, regardless of age, sex or level of physical training, Technogym has created MOVE, a unit of measure of physical activity capable of uniting the entire community. The more you move, the faster and more often, the more you collect more movements.

This year’s movements can be recorded in the MyWellness application and counted in the LMFABW campaign and the exercises performed in free training, group classes, swimming pool or football / tennis / squash, and – why not? – in outdoor running too. The only condition is to be recorded with a pulse monitoring device and an application connected to MyWellness (including Strava, FitBIT, Garmin, MapMyFitness, Polar, and MyFitnessPal)

Choose to participate in this campaign and donate your MOVES for a social cause!

Over the course of time, Technogym has grown impressively, from 100 million MOVES gathered in its first edition, to 180 facilities in ten countries of the world, to 628 million MOVES gathered in 2018, 1033 facilities in 29 countries, bringing with it a strong social impact.

The Pescariu Sports & Spa community collected 3 million moves last year, and this year we wanted to double them! What do you say, do we move together for a better world?!😊


More about LMFABW campain.