Fitness defines our body’s ability to function effectively, both in professional life and in recreational activities, to be healthy and to deal with stressful situations.

Why do we go to the gym?

Going to the gym or aerobics helps, among other things, prevent certain diseases such as: hypertension, diabetes, strokes, certain types of cancer or heart disease.

If you already have one of these illnesses, doing fitness or exercising can help keep them under control, of course also following the medication prescribed by your doctor (if it exists) and leading a healthy lifestyle (proper nutrition, stress reduction , etc.).

The 5 elements of fitness

Cardio – represents the ability of the heart, lungs and vascular system to supply muscles and tissues during high physical activity, oxygen-rich blood.

Muscle Strength – is the amount of muscle that a muscle or muscle group can exercise against a high resistance (weight lifting and not only).

Muscular endurance – is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to repeat a particular movement several times or to stay in the same position for a longer period of time.

Flexibility – is specific to the joints and represents a range of movements of the joints but also of the muscles and tissues around them. Appropriate flexibility improves physical condition and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Body composition – is the percentage of fat, muscle and bone in your body. It is normally expressed as a ratio between muscle mass and fat mass. Muscle mass consists of muscles, bones, skin, internal organs and water. Fat is fat and fatty tissue.

Fitness training and strength training

Our fitness program is carried out under the close supervision of specialized instructors, each with a wealth of experience and promotion of varied body maintenance programs designed to meet the most demanding expectations. They will take into account your nutritional needs, lifestyle, body traits, and your development needs to make a special fitness training program for you.

Come to the fitness room and you will feel great! The Pescariu Sports & SPA Fitness Club is equipped with the most advanced and modern Technogym appliances for the highly effective workouts that any enthusiast wants.

Most of the appliances have a touchscreen as an extra feature to help them find optimal usage patterns and useful information for those who use them. Once you enter the fitness room, you will discover a multitude of variants to work each muscle group, using multifunctional or specialized devices, either on the upper or lower limbs or on the trunk, going to the bars, disks and weights that to meet the needs of all users, even the most advanced.

Abonamentele noastre de top

Abonamentele noastre de top includ facilitatile Fitness & Grup Fitness

All inclusive 6 months
Squash + Tenis + Fotbal + Clase Copii + Aqua + P.T.
Full time
  • 6 free guest passes
  • Freezing 2 weeks
  • Access to AQUA2
  • Access to VIP Changing Room
  • 3 x 50-minute SQUASH sessions with an instructor
  • 3 x 50-minute SQUASH sessions with an partner
  • 3 x 50-minute TENNIS sessions with an instructor
  • 2 x 50 minute session with a Personal Trainer
1200 eur
Cere oferta
All inclusive 12 months
Squash + Tenis + Fotbal + Clase Copii + Aqua + P.T.
Full time
  • 12 free guest passes
  • Freezing 1 month
  • Access to AQUA
  • Access to VIP Changing Rooms
  • 6 x 50-minute SQUASH sessions with an instructor
  • 6 x 50-minute SQUASH sessions with an partner
  • 6 x 50-minute TENNIS sessions with an instructor
  • 4 x 50-minute sessions with a Personal Trainer
2000 eur
Cere oferta