Fitness & Aerobic
Fitness & Aerobic

Care este scopul antrenamentului tau? Iti doresti sa consumi mai multe calorii fara sa soliciti prea mult musculatura la clasele de Grup Fitness? Sau sa iti dezvolti mai mult masa musculara in Gym? Noi iti recomandam sa faci si aerobic pentru sanatatea aparatului cardio-vascular, care este solicitat in timpul antrenamentelor de forta din Gym.

Pescariu Sports&Spa - Oaza ta de relaxare din mijlocul orasului
Fitness Fitness

Fitness defines our body’s ability to function effectively, both in professional life and in recreational activities, to be healthy and to deal with stressful situations. The respect we give to our body is reflected in our physical appearance, but also in health and attitude.

Adequate fitness training and proper nutrition will quickly reflect in your image, so do not delay to be in harmony with your body and feel good in your own skin. Our fitness services have one goal: to create a well-being that lasts!

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Aerobics Aerobics

Our diversified range of courses offers everyone the opportunity to practice sport within a class with an instructor, tailored to the physical level and end goal pursued.

Thus, the program includes toning classes for all muscle groups (TONING), classes that help to improve

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Pescariu Sports&Spa - Oaza ta de relaxare din mijlocul orasului
Zumba Zumba

In Zumba Fitness, choreographies are not a “mission impossible,” not even a difficult mission, as it may seem in the few seconds to be seen on the glass or the first hour.

Those extravagant combinations of steps, moves with arms, turns, jumps, spins, etc. are just simple elements tied together so that they fit in a smooth, enjoyable line of music in tune with the music. 

Cardio & Tone Cardio & Tone
Cardio & Tone

Cardio & Tone is an energetic class where we combine cardio exercises with toning muscles of the entire body to reach an ideal physical shape. Through cardio exercises we not only burn fat, but also improve the cardiovascular system and release into the endorphin (brain) body.

Endorphins reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, thus achieving a better mental state, while toning exercises define our muscles, making the body strong, healthy and supple. A perfect combination, a class that will challenge you and you will definitely come back!

Functional Body Functional Body
Functional Body

Probably the biggest advantage in a functional body class is that you can train a few times a week.

A training you want to rejoin and whose effectiveness and results you will see after the first months of training. The Functional Body class stimulates the cardiovascular system: a 50-minute session will accelerate your heart rate and help you improve your exercise resistance.

Body Workout Body Workout
Body Workout

An intense work program for both fat burning and toning all muscle groups. It’s a dynamic strength training.

The duration of this class is 60 minutes, which allows for a deeper approach. In the three parts of the class, an aerobic (cardiovascular) effort will be performed, with weights (bars, dumbbells, elastic) and ground exercises on the mattress.

Core Workout Core Workout
Core Workout

In these 30 minutes of workout we will work on the abs area. If you want a flat abdomen or a thinner waist add those 30 minutes to your workout grid.

Defining the abdominal wall is very important and has the role of avoiding possible injuries in the lower spine. A firm abdomen is synonymous with an enviable silhouette and a well defined body medial region. We’re waiting for you Tuesday and Thursday at Core Workout.

Abs & Butts Abs & Butts
Abs & Butts

It is an intense class where we can use accessories such as step, elastic strips, weights, all to bring benefits to both the legs and the abdomen.

The main purpose of the class is to effectively and correctly require the abdominal muscles, where we exercise to tonify the main areas of the abdomen: upper and lower abdominal, oblique and transverse.


Abdomen, butt and thighs is a class “dedicated” to troubled areas. It’s no secret that we generally seek to tonify and reduce adipose tissue on the abdomen, buttocks and legs more than other areas.

It is a class that at first seems to be addressing women, but it is not. These exercises appeal equally well to men, and the class is not based on choreography, but rather on specific exercises.

Steel Training Steel Training
Steel Training

Weight-training already occupies an important place in the program of all fitness halls. Steel Training is the result of an intelligent combination of weight training and a serious dose of adrenaline.

Including cardiovascular training, Steel Training becomes a complete class, covering all the chapters of a successful workout.

Total Body Total Body
Total Body

A very effective class for muscular toning and lightness. It sculpts the muscles of the whole body with the help of weights, and each participant will be able to adjust its level of intensity according to the condition it has.

This type of training involves exercises for all muscle groups, both with weight and cardio exercises, all for a more harmonious body development.

Bosu Circuit Training Bosu Circuit Training
Bosu Circuit Training

BOSU, acronym from Both Sides Up, is a unique fitness tool for group or individual training.

With BOSU all muscle groups are working, and group exercises are particularly fun and intense because they perform on rhythmic music. Exercises with BOSU are based on classic aerobic movements, but are performed on a 65 cm sphere.

Step & Tone Step & Tone
Step & Tone

A step program with great emphasis on toning the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It is an aerobic (cardio-respiratory) training that allows you to remove excess body weight.

Benefits of the program include: cardio workout, weight loss, muscle toning, body shaping and stress reduction.

bodyART bodyART

A holistic fitness program based on the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine (earth, wood, fire, metal and water), in which the human being is seen as a union between body, mind and soul.

All exercises are created to combine strength, flexibility and balance to train more muscles at the same time.

Back Stability Back Stability
Back Stability

Our goal is to control the body. Regardless of what we do, we must remember that it is the road that matters and not the destination.

We are never too young or too old to take control of our body if we really want to make that change. The cells are regenerating anyway, and today we are not the same person we were yesterday.

Yoga Yoga

Most people can not control the mind trough mind. But, with the help of Hatha Yoga, the mind is under control. Through the consistent practice of the Bindusar series, you can get a quicker posture of asanas, a mental clarity and a complete well-being.

Ashtanga Yoga is a unique physical form of yoga that emphasizes the flowing energy of breath, body and mind to cultivate inner strength.

Pilates Pilates

Pilates is not just a complete workout for the mind and body, it also helps you to synchronize better with the specific needs of your body, building a perfect foundation for any sport you want to practice

Three major benefits of Pilates: stretch muscles and increase flexibility, strengthens trunk, improves sports performance.

Tai Chi Tai Chi
Tai Chi

i Chi Chuan is a form of martial arts original from China, practiced today for its indisputable benefits to the body, mind and spirit.

Techniques, usually characterized by slow movements, are intended to increase the natural force, create a superior state of relaxation, acquire some fighting skills and bring the practitioner into a superior state of focus, discipline, balance and harmony with the Universe.


Ginastica Natural Ginastica Natural
Ginastica Natural

Ginastica Natural® is a training method that builds on body weight and develops physical qualities such as strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, coordination.

They are reflected in the quality of life, muscle tone, lost kilograms, along with better performance in other sports.


Props Pilates Props Pilates
Props Pilates

Pilates is essentially a challenge-based method, but at the same time based on low-impact movements and exercises.

In fact, exercises sometimes require a hard muscular effort, even though they avoid sudden movements; moreover, in most cases the movements are performed while resting on the floor to ease the pressure on the vertebral column. For this reason, the method is very useful for posture.

Aqua Fit Aqua Fit
Aqua Fit

Water exercises are much easier to perform. Joints and tendons are completely protected, unlike the sports we practice at the gym.

Aqua Gym is a training method without harsh impact on the body. Does not affect the joints and tendons, puts all the muscles in operation and relaxes both the body and the mind. It is important to mention that Aqua Gym does not cause muscle fever and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

Box Box

The box has long ceased to be a simple fight between two opponents. It has metamorphosed into an authentic art that involves an enviable physical condition; this automatically leads to impressive physical training, rapidity in the execution of specific movements, but also to a great deal of courage, determination and tactical intelligence.

It is not necessary to make a career out of it to get to love this sport. You can practice boxing outside of the ring without confronting an opponent.

Body in Motion Body in Motion
Body in Motion

“If the body was designed to move; then let it move and do not look for excuses. ” This class is meant to be the best “connection” between work and home.

The diversity and intensity of exercise, music and energy, and the multitude of “toys” that we will work with will make you feel revived.

Cycling Cycling

The Cycling Class is cardio one, excellent for slimming and burning extra calories. It’s a class where everyone can work at his own pace, depending on the physical condition.

A big advantage over other cardio classes is that we do not have choreography. Even those who have never been into sports can get on the bicycle and pedal.

Aerobics classes program
Fitness Group

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