Christmas Parties 2018 by Pescariu Sports & Spa

Romanian shines

Muzică si dans folcloric, un concert incendiar marca Alina Eremia si oameni de succes!

Music and folk dance, an explosive concert from Alina Eremia, and successful people – this describes the atmosphere of this year’s Christmas party organised by Pescariu Sports & Spa!

The reason for the 16th December date was dictated by the anniversary of the Centenary of the Great Union, so that Romania’s tricolor and traditional motifs created the party’s traditional theme.

We would like to thank all the participants for the well-created costumes and congratulate them once again for the results of the “Win and Give” campaign!

We are glad to launch an invitation to join us in our upcoming events!

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Ho-Ho-Ho, Santa Claus is Coming

Santa Claus, a Fun Science show and unique moments made by the children of Pescariu Sports & Spa members!

The atmosphere of the party dedicated to the little ones was fun and exciting.

We enjoyed the energy and the unique moments of creation made by the children of Pescariu Sports & Spa members.

We are reviewing our future events!