LUMINITA’S WORKSHOP #14: Sweet Mărţişoare

When: Every Wednesday – Time: 17:00 – 18:00 – Where: Baby Parking – Nr. places: 15- Age: 4-9 years

On Wednesday, 27th February, at 17:00, Luminita’s Workshop aims to create handmade, unique mărţişoares. Because joy comes from #lucrurisimple, we offer artists the opportunity to create a bouquet of edible flowers, which they will decorate themselves with candy and glaze!

The purpose of the mărţişoare bearer is to approach the sun, carrying its face with you. That is why you make yourself a friend of the sun, you are willing to give it what is in your power, first of all beauty, then joy and health, honour, love and purity of soul!” George Coşbuc.

Participation is on the basis of registration, and there are limited available places.

Details and registration at the club’s reception, by phone on 021 242 1615 or at .