LUMINITA’S WORKSHOP #10: Colourful Bubble Painting

When: Every Wednesday – Time: 17:00 – 18:00 – Where: Baby Parking – Nr. places: 15- Age: 4-9 years

Workshop #10: Coloured Bubble Painting

On Wednesday, 30th January, at 17:00, Luminita will propose a new challenge for young people on colourful bubble painting.

The technique of soap bubble painting implies a little dirty “play”, but produces unusually beautiful results. It is already embraced by children as it borrows from other didactic activities. Combine the two elements of childhood: soap bubbles and painting and place it lightly on paper!

In the blooming container, add tempera or acrylic colors and blow with a straw until it becomes a large mass of balloons that adds to the paper.

Participation is on the basis of registration, and there are limited available places.

Details and entries at the club’s reception or at 021 242 1615 or at