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The Pescariu Sports & Spa wellness club promotes the "Art of Living Beautifully". Built around a versatile concept for the whole family, it brings you closer to a healthy lifestyle.

We present a virtual tour of the club’s facilities and services, through images and words, an introduction to the world of sport and relaxation. How do you want to train? In the gym with a personal trainer, fitness classes, swimming pool, squash court or tennis court? How do you prefer to relax? At the SPA, in the sauna, with a massage or a body & mind class? Do you want to eat healthy? Or are you planning to organize an event? We have all these options and many more, which you will discover right now.

Pescariu Sports&Spa - Oaza ta de relaxare din mijlocul orasului
Fitness & Aerobics Fitness & Aerobics
Fitness & Aerobics

Fitness defines our body’s ability to function effectively, both in professional life and in recreational activities, to be healthy and to cope with stressful situations.

The respect we give to our own physique is reflected in our physical appearance, but also in health and attitude. Adequate fitness training and proper nutrition will quickly reflect in your image.

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Swimming pools Swimming pools
Swimming pools

We provide an indoor semi-Olympic swimming pool for use throughout the year and three outdoor pools available during the summer.

One is dedicated to the toddlers, heated throughout the summer so they can enjoy their days of freedom. The semi-Olympic outdoor pool is also open through the summer season, and available only to club members.

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Spa Spa

The Pescariu Club Spa embraces a deep understanding of the mind, body and soul: their individual needs and their interdependence.

The Pescariu Sports & SPA philosophy is a deeply rooted approach to wellness as a whole and presupposes the belief that the SPA reveals a way of life that offers many possibilities to care for and increase the vital force of the individual.

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Massage Massage

Pescariu Sports & SPA Club’s massage rooms offer a comfortable and intimate environment that allows you to escape from daily stress to a world of relaxation and serenity.

Once you step inside, you will feel a sense of release, and the wafting aroma therapy, pleasant sounds and relaxing music will touch your soul.

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Tennis Tennis

The Pescariu Sports & Spa Club has improved and upgraded its facilities constantly, offering today premium services both in performance sports and wellness.

The training base includes eight 12-month tennis courts (both on clay and hard) for all types of players, from beginners to professionals, children or adults. Each category benefits from a well-structured and varied training program.

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Squash Squash

Pescariu Sports & Spa offers two squash courts, both of which are endorsed by the World Squash Federation.

Squash, considered an elite sport, has a rich tradition. Squash can be a great way to spend your free time and keep fit, and is an excellent remedy for daily stress. By practicing this very dynamic sport, you can burn many calories in a very short time.

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Football Football

Equipped with high-quality artificial turf and nocturnal lighting, our football field has an area of 800 sqm, and is ready at any time for a spectacular match.

There are many benefits to practicing football on an artificial pitch. Better resistance and a consistent surface mean fewer injuries – unlike natural grass that can be damaged and give during play.

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Aqua Aqua

The largest outdoor swimming pool in Bucharest and the most attractive place to be in summer. AQUA at Pescariu brings to sun and water lovers the feeling that their vacation has begun as soon as they cross the threshold.

The space includes a large swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a pool bar, a restaurant, a children’s area and an area with relaxation beds and VIP pavilions surrounding the pool.

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Classes for children Classes for children
Classes for children

We strongly believe in helping children and young people through sports education – so it’s never too early to attend classes organized for them and coordinated by top coaches.

Your children are welcome to visit Pescariu Sports & Spa and attend any of the following classes: street dance, ballet, Chinese martial arts, mini tennis, fencing, swimming, gymnastics & body fly, and introduction to tennis.

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Baby parking Baby parking
Baby parking

If you have a child aged between two and ten, we have the ideal playground for him or her while you are at the club. You can bring him or her to Baby Parking and he or she will feel great in the company of specialized staff, other children and the games that are waiting to be discovered.

The Baby Parking Area is open from Monday to Friday between 14:00 and 20:00, and on Saturdays between 09.00 and 15.00 for children of Club members. Baby parking is not available on Sundays.

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Summer Camp Summer Camp
Summer Camp

Every year, we anticipate a summer holiday full of smiles, play many outdoor sports, and make new friends alongside the Pescariu Sports & SPA team.

Together we discover tennis, gymnastics, Chinese martial arts, swimming, fencing, body fly, squash, but also the true values of friendship, self-confidence, and team spirit.

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The Gallery - Lounge & Fine Food The Gallery - Lounge & Fine Food
The Gallery - Lounge & Fine Food

The Gallery lounge & fine food is a cozy restaurant located within the Pescariu Sports & SPA wellness club.

Extremely versatile, offering indoor and outdoor space, the à la carte restaurant is perfect for a business lunch, a city office lunch, a coffee lounge or to host events in style. The interior space is modular, decorated in fresh and elegant colors.

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Events Events

We have an elegant and sophisticated location in the city center, on Lake Tei, and a team with experience and know-how in organizing business or private events, indoor or outdoor.

Choosing a high-class location is necessary to position yourself at the top; it will help you to promote corporate identity, strengthen employee morale, and encourage sales.

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Pescariu Sports&Spa Map

Until you make a visit, this interactive map will be your digital guide. Navigate online, contact us and schedule a real tour to learn more about the club!

Pescariu Sports&Spa - Oaza ta de relaxare din mijlocul orasului
Pescariu Sports&Spa - Oaza ta de relaxare din mijlocul orasului
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All inclusive 6 months
Squash + Tenis + Fotbal + Clase Copii + Aqua + P.T.
Full time
  • 6 free guest passes
  • Freezing 2 weeks
  • Access to AQUA
  • Access to VIP Changing Room
  • 3 x 50-minute SQUASH sessions with an instructor
  • 3 x 50-minute SQUASH sessions with an partner
  • 3 x 50-minute TENNIS sessions with an instructor
  • 2 x 50 minute session with a Personal Trainer
1200 eur
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All inclusive 12 months
Squash + Tenis + Fotbal + Clase Copii + Aqua + P.T.
Full time
  • 12 free guest passes
  • Freezing 1 month
  • Access to AQUA
  • Access to VIP Changing Rooms
  • 6 x 50-minute SQUASH sessions with an instructor
  • 6 x 50-minute SQUASH sessions with an partner
  • 6 x 50-minute TENNIS sessions with an instructor
  • 4 x 50-minute sessions with a Personal Trainer
2000 eur
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